How To Write A Progress Report

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How To Write A Progress Report
How To Write A Progress Report

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Sooner or later, any employee will probably need to draw up a report on the work done. It is not difficult, the main thing is to clearly and consistently state your actions and describe in detail the achieved result.

First, it is better to sketch the report on a draft, and only then make the main version
First, it is better to sketch the report on a draft, and only then make the main version

It is necessary

the ability to correctly express your thoughts


Step 1

To begin with, compare the task given to you with the result you received, to be sure that you really achieved it. If everything is in order here, then you can start writing the report. You can arrange it in several ways. The easiest option is to present everything in a free form, like an essay. In this case, you can write in the report whatever you deem necessary, indicating all the smallest details, up to the number of cups of coffee you drank and the number of times you went to work on Saturday.

Step 2

A more complex, but professionally more correct way of writing a report is to arrange it in the form of a task. First, you should indicate the task in front of you. Then list the resources used. All types of resources should be indicated, namely: time (how much time it took you for a given job), people (how many employees had to resort to help), finances (did you meet the budget planned for the project). The following is a brief but clear description of the ways and methods that you used when doing the work.

Step 3

When the report is ready, re-read it carefully to identify possible shortcomings. Look, perhaps the report will be more visual if you illustrate it with tables, graphs or diagrams. Do not be lazy to spend time on drawing up tables, attach them to the report. Management will appreciate this meticulous approach to work. If the report requires it, be sure to file the necessary documents to it. This can be a financial statement of a business trip, a contract with a supplier or client, in general, anything that demonstrates the work you have done.

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