How To Write A Sales Report

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How To Write A Sales Report
How To Write A Sales Report
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The sales report will allow you to analyze the situation in the customer acquisition department. Based on his data, you can draw up a plan for further work and optimize the process.

How to write a sales report
How to write a sales report


Step 1

Drawing up a report starts with writing a header. In the center of the sheet, leaving two or three lines from the edge, type "REPORT" in large print. Immediately below it - according to sales for the period from… to…. Further, if necessary, indicate the department, position and surname, name, patronymic.

Step 2

In the first paragraph of the report, write down the planned sales volumes. How much new customers needed to be attracted and how much money to get from regular ones.

Step 3

In the second paragraph, mark the real indicators. Calculate as a percentage how the plan was exceeded. If it was not fulfilled, how many were not enough to reach the expected figures. It is most convenient to draw up a schedule by week. So it will be immediately clear in what period sales increased and in what period they fell.

Step 4

A detailed description of the reasons due to which the plan was not implemented, place in the third paragraph. Write down why the managers did not cope with the task. Perhaps the indicators were overestimated and they could not physically attract such a number of customers. Or the department works ineffectively, spending a lot of time on the execution of contracts and the settlement of disputes.

Step 5

If the plan was overfulfilled, indicate in the third paragraph, thanks to whom it happened. Be sure to mark the names of the best managers. List the names of the largest companies that were attracted for the first time. If one of your regular customers increased their purchases, write down why this happened. This will help you plan a successful sales strategy for the future.

Step 6

In the fourth paragraph, make up your wishes for improving the work of the department. If you need to hire new employees, mark this on the report. The lack of the necessary household appliances, cramped jobs and other factors that hinder the increase in sales must be voiced by the management.

Step 7

Leave the fifth point under the description of sales plans for the next period. Give some rough numbers that managers should strive for. Calculate the department's profit. Write the desired amount of bonuses.

Step 8

Get ready to defend your report to management. Rehearse ahead of time so the questions don't catch you off guard. Don't worry, be confident. In the meeting, try to work out together a strategy for increasing sales and develop actions to optimize the department.

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