How To Calculate Unused Vacation

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How To Calculate Unused Vacation
How To Calculate Unused Vacation

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Every person working under a civil labor contract is entitled to an annual paid leave of 28 calendar days. This number can be increased, for example, in the case of work in hazardous conditions, as well as in places of the Far North. In case of non-use of the vacation, the employee is paid compensation. Also, this payment is calculated upon dismissal of an employee based on the number of days worked.

How to calculate unused vacation
How to calculate unused vacation


Step 1

In order to calculate the number of days of unused vacation, it is necessary to calculate the required number of calendar days of vacation for each month. For example, if the number is equal to 28 days, for each month, 2, 33 calendar days are supposed (28/12).

Step 2

Next, you should add up all the months worked and multiply them by the prescribed number of calendar days of vacation. For example, an employee has worked for two months. Thus, 2 months * 2, 33 calendar days = 4, 66 prescribed vacation days.

Step 3

When calculating compensation for unused vacation, rounding is not provided by law. An exception is the employer's desire, but in this case rounding should be upward.

Step 4

The compensation is calculated based on the average earnings for the period of time worked. Also, an employee can take a vacation with subsequent dismissal, in this case, the calculation of vacation payments will be in accordance with the norms established by law.

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