Job Responsibilities Of The Storekeeper

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Job Responsibilities Of The Storekeeper
Job Responsibilities Of The Storekeeper

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The storekeeper belongs to the warehouse workers, thanks to whom the normal functioning of the warehouse takes place, as well as the accounting and systematization of the goods on it.

Job responsibilities of the storekeeper
Job responsibilities of the storekeeper

Who can work as a storekeeper

Each company sets its own requirements when hiring a storekeeper, depending on the specifics of the work. In some cases, knowledge of the products is required, in some cases, knowledge of the computer and warehouse programs is required. There are some specific requirements that are needed for a particular job.

Sometimes it is a man who is required as a storekeeper because of heavy physical activity (in some small enterprises, they also carry out loading and unloading operations). But basically a storekeeper can work a person with secondary and secondary specialized education, who has the right for health reasons to bear material responsibility for the goods in the warehouse.

Duties of the storekeeper

The storekeeper is a versatile worker who performs many duties based on the characteristics of the enterprise. He is responsible for the receipt, placement and release of goods at the warehouse. The main functions of the storekeeper are: mandatory knowledge of the range of goods available in the warehouse; knowledge of the regulatory and legal norms relating to his work, including the Charter of the enterprise; maintaining warehouse documentation on the receipt and transfer of goods (often on a computer in the 1C program, if not, then manually).

Upon receipt of the goods, the storekeeper is obliged to check the correctness of positions, quantity and completeness. He manages unloading and loading of goods through loaders, and in their absence, he does it himself. Further, he must arrange the goods according to the conditions of its storage in compliance with all requirements (temperature regime, fragility, dimensions, etc.). The release of the goods is also the responsibility of the storekeeper. He must either pick orders himself or control the work of pickers, checking the correctness of the assembly of the cargo.

The storekeeper must also maintain order in the warehouse, as well as keep records of all available goods. Because this employee is a financially responsible person, then periodically conducts an inventory of the warehouse under the guidance of the warehouse manager or independently, depending on the structure of the enterprise.

It is possible to fulfill any other obligations, but this is all written down in an employment contract with a specific employer. It is imperative to read carefully all the points about the upcoming work, so that in the future there are no questions and conflict situations.

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