Telemarketing Specialist: Professional Responsibilities

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Telemarketing Specialist: Professional Responsibilities
Telemarketing Specialist: Professional Responsibilities

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Usually, novice managers, marketers, future sociologists and psychologists are hired for the position of a specialist in the telemarketing department. This job can serve as a good start for a career as a lead manager or department head - but what are the professional responsibilities of this specialist?

Telemarketing Specialist: Professional Responsibilities
Telemarketing Specialist: Professional Responsibilities

Job requirements

The Telemarketing Specialist position is the job of a telephone sales operator. Typically, such employees are in need of banking, marketing, telecommunications and other companies. Specialists with both technical and humanitarian education can apply for the position, since during the interview, heads of departments pay attention to the personal qualities of the applicant.

Typically, telemarketing specialists are students with no work experience looking for a job with a convenient schedule and the possibility of parallel training.

When applying for the position of a telemarketing specialist, you must have a higher or incomplete higher education. In addition, the applicant must have a competent speech, be active, sociable and self-confident. The most ideal candidate for this position is a person whose education intersects with the specifics of the trade industry - in this case, he can be promoted to other industry departments in the future.

Professional responsibilities

The functional responsibilities of a telemarketer include: presentation of the sold product, calls to various organizations, planning business meetings with clients, accountants, lawyers and managers of the company in which the specialist works. In addition, a telemarketer must work with key customers, providing them with all the necessary information, conducting surveys on a ready-made customer base and keeping statistics on the results of negotiations.

Also, the duties of a specialist in the telemarketing department include expanding the base of potential customers through their search.

A telemarketer is required to have minimal experience in the field of individual sales, good learning ability and the ability to profitably present the goods. A good telemarketer should be able to convince a client to purchase products, but at the same time be as delicate and unobtrusive as possible, which testifies to his professionalism and high status of the company. Since this specialist works with a voice, he must be able to speak beautifully and have a good vocabulary. An equally important quality is the resistance to stress of the applicant, as well as the ability to quickly get out of deadlocks in a conversation with a potential client. Owning a personal computer is also encouraged.

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