Working As A Bus Driver: An Inside View

Working As A Bus Driver: An Inside View
Working As A Bus Driver: An Inside View
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Passengers of public transport do not understand how difficult, difficult, and responsible the job of a bus driver is. But if you sit in a public transport cabin for a day, then everything will fall into place. So, all the hardships and joys of chauffeur work in a report on how a bus driver works.

Working as a bus driver: an inside view
Working as a bus driver: an inside view

You need to wake up at half past four in the morning in order to catch the first flight by six. The duty bus picks up the first drivers and conductors from the house and takes them to the garage. The car we are going to drive today was washed at night. The routes are assigned by the dispatcher. Drivers have a strict schedule: vehicles must arrive at stops at intervals of five minutes.

Anatoly Razin, our bus driver, says:

- Today, according to the plan, six circles, each of which lasts an hour and fifty minutes. I travel not only on several routes. I always want to sleep early in the morning, coffee and my favorite nuts, which I constantly snap, save me.

The first sleepy passengers board the bus. They were lucky - there are still places. The people in public transport are different: students rushing to lectures, employees who are late for work, pensioners. Everyone has their own worries, moods and claims.

- You, the bus driver, don't the traffic cops stop you?

- I was not stopped, but if we break the traffic rules, they do it. I'll tell you a secret, bus drivers sometimes break the rules. They do not exceed the speed, but “cutting off” someone or driving through a red light - it happens. Usually traffic cops and car drivers treat us with understanding - it's not so easy to steer such a whopper.

During the break, the bus enters the parking lot. According to the schedule, the driver and the conductor have 40 minutes for lunch. The small dining room is cramped. Here everyone eats at their own expense, since the prices are unclouded. At lunch, Anatoly says:

- They say that every driver animates his car. Are you talking to your bus?

- No, but I love my car. My bus is SCANIA, it's a woman's name, that's why I treat her like a woman. Among the drivers, such "women" buses are considered stinkers, but we still found a common language with her. When she is "naughty", I treat this with understanding, because when I am out of sorts, she tolerates me.

- Do you always buy yourself a ticket on the bus?

- There was no case that I did not pay for myself. A fare ticket costs a penny. And as a driver, I never land "hares". I think that if the conductor could not find the right words and convince the passenger, the free ride will be on the conscience of the "hare".

- Would you like to become a personal driver of a famous person?

- When you drive a bus, for you all passengers are equal, even if Vladimir Putin himself gets on the bus, I will still treat him like a simple passenger.

By the end of the shift, the driver and the conductor get very tired, sometimes they get seasick, but overwork should not affect the quality of work and the level of service. Today's passengers are very critical and it doesn't cost them anything to complain about the rude bus driver and conductor.

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