How To Get A Loan If The Salary Is Small

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How To Get A Loan If The Salary Is Small
How To Get A Loan If The Salary Is Small
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Having a small salary, you can make large purchases by taking out a consumer loan. With a small loan amount, it is not always necessary to submit a certificate of income to the bank, but at the same time it is necessary to indicate the amount of salary in the application form, the information of which is carefully checked. Nevertheless, you can still get a loan with a minimum wage.

How to get a loan if the salary is small
How to get a loan if the salary is small


  • - application form;
  • - passport or driver's license;
  • - TIN;
  • - income statement;
  • - guarantors;
  • - pledge agreement.


Step 1

If you receive a small salary and need borrowed funds, contact any bank of your choice, where the interest rates on the loan issued are minimal. A small amount of a loan will be issued to you according to two presented documents. Most often, you need to present a passport or driver's license and an individual taxpayer number (TIN).

Step 2

With a loan of up to 100 thousand rubles, the bank does not require additional documents and issues a loan even to borrowers with a low level of income. You will be able to draw up a minimum monthly payment, it is just that the payments on the issued loan will stretch for more than one year.

Step 3

If you need to borrow a large sum of money, you will be offered to present a certificate from the place of work, confirming the length of service, and a certificate of income of the unified form 2-NDFL or in the form of a bank. If the official part of your salary is small, but you receive the main part in an envelope, the employer will easily fill out a certificate for you in the form of a bank, indicating in it the real amount of your income. But at the same time, you will not be able to get an official unified certificate of the 2-NDFL form, since no employer dares to indicate in an official document the amount of "gray" salary, from which taxes are not deducted to the budget, which, in fact, is a criminal offense.

Step 4

A credit institution may require you to submit a certificate of income in a unified form. In this case, in order to get a larger loan amount, you can ask two guarantors with a high level of official income to vouch for you. Or draw up a pledge agreement for existing valuable property.

Step 5

The bank will be confident in the return of borrowed funds and will issue you a large loan amount even if there is a minimum wage. In any case, the application is considered individually for each borrower. If you have already applied for a loan and are a conscientious payer, you will probably not be denied for any amount of wages.

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