How To Restore A Document For Privatization

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How To Restore A Document For Privatization
How To Restore A Document For Privatization

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The document confirming the ownership of the privatized housing is very important, since it will be necessary for all transactions carried out with the apartment: sale, lease. But what if it was lost?

How to restore a document for privatization
How to restore a document for privatization

It is necessary

  • - passports of the owners;
  • - money to pay the duty.


Step 1

Find the address of the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) at the location of your apartment. This can be done using the website of the federal BTI. To do this, go from the main page of the site to the section "Map of branches". You will see a map of the Russian Federation. Find your region on it and select it with a mouse click. You will be taken to the page of your regional BTI. There, find a link to your city, through which you will be taken to the list of local BTI. In small and medium-sized cities, there is usually one such bureau, while in large cities there is one in every district. You can call the specified phone number and find out the opening hours of the organization.

Step 2

Contact all owners of the apartment if it has been privatized in shares. Agree with them about a convenient time for a joint visit to the BTI, since the personal presence of all owners is required. Remind them to have their passport with them.

Step 3

Come to your local BTI office during business hours. Be prepared to wait in line. If your BTI provides such an opportunity, make an appointment in advance - this will save you a lot of time and nerves. When it’s your turn, talk to an employee of the organization and explain your problem to him. Write an application to receive a duplicate of privatization documents, in which you will need to indicate the reason for the absence of the previous one: loss, damage or theft.

Step 4

Pay for the services of making a duplicate of the document. This can be done through the cash desk of the BTI or through a branch of any bank. The cost of the service varies depending on the region.

Step 5

After the specified period, usually in one to two weeks, you will receive a duplicate of the privatization document. You can do it yourself, without the presence of other owners.

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