How Much Does Paid Privatization Cost?

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How Much Does Paid Privatization Cost?
How Much Does Paid Privatization Cost?

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Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to free privatization. However, rumors about the introduction of paid privatization continue to whip up the already tense situation around housing issues.

Privatization of housing
Privatization of housing

Privatization of housing is the process of transferring it from state or municipality ownership to private ownership. That is, a person living in an apartment that was once given to him by the state takes over this apartment as his property and backs up this operation with appropriate documents. From now on, an apartment, house or plot can be considered completely private, with them you can conduct transactions, sell, change and transfer to others.

Paid privatization of housing

Privatization of housing has long been considered a free process, since paid privatization is called the purchase of residential space: the subject buys out the rights to housing from the original owner. Free privatization was in effect until March 1, 2013, and has now been extended until March 1, 2015. There is currently no paid privatization of housing on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The authorities do not yet have a clear understanding of what can and will be paid privatization after March 2015. There is an option that privatization will be left free and at the same time made indefinite. But other options are also offered, including suspending free privatization and forcing those who have not yet privatized their homes to buy apartments from the state at market value or at the cost calculated by the BTI authorities.

When registering privatization, only the services of state bodies for the preparation of documents are subject to payment - you will have to pay a fee, as well as, if the owner wishes, the services of lawyers or real estate agents, on which you can shift the responsibilities to collect and submit all the necessary documents to the relevant authorities.

Paid land privatization

If the owner received a land plot from the state before 2001 and it was intended for garage, individual housing, summer cottage construction, truck farming or gardening, then such a plot can be privatized free of charge. If a land plot is received by an individual after 2001 or by a legal entity, it is subject to paid privatization or, otherwise, to the process of buying out the land plot from the state. The cost of such a plot depends on the price of land in the area and on the amount of land tax. All such calculations must be carried out individually for each specific case.

Privatization rights

Every adult citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to privatize housing or a land plot free of charge once in a lifetime. If a child under 18 has participated in the privatization of housing, he has the right to re-privatize after reaching the age of majority. To carry out privatization, you need to contact the district privatization agency with a list of prepared documents.

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