How Much Does A Copywriter Get Paid

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How Much Does A Copywriter Get Paid
How Much Does A Copywriter Get Paid

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The market for copywriting services in our country has been formed relatively recently. Perhaps this is precisely why there is a significant gap in the pay of various copywriters, sometimes having more than tenfold difference.

How much does a copywriter get paid
How much does a copywriter get paid

Starting a conversation about how much a copywriter is paid, one cannot but clarify: which one? The fact is that copywriting itself has at least one significant division: it can be full-time and freelance. Therefore, when it comes to in-house copywriting, this is one thing. If about freelance - it is completely different.

How much does an in-house copywriter cost?

Oddly enough, this issue worries the potential employer to a greater extent. Indeed, how much does a person need to pay so that his muse never part with him? Different leaders address this issue in different ways. Someone thinks that the work of a copywriter is not so important in the business chain, therefore, the workers of the “pen and the Internet” in such companies are treated with some disdain, not really delving into what they are doing. Of course, the salary of such copywriters rarely goes beyond 15 thousand rubles a month.

However, there are other businessmen who are well aware of the price of “selling” texts. These entrepreneurs know what sales heights can be achieved with just one well-written newsletter. And they also understand perfectly well that a beginner in the world of copywriting is unlikely to be able to adequately cope with this task. But professionalism comes at a price. And they really get paid for it. The range of salaries is impressive: from 30 to 150 thousand rubles a month! But even $ 5 thousand for some gurus is far from the limit.

How much does a freelance copywriter cost?

A freelance copywriter is a free bird. It differs from the standard one, first of all, in its elusiveness. Today he is, and tomorrow - as the card falls. Few of them really value their reputation and understand how important it is not to lose contact with the customer and maintain the same high level of texts throughout the entire period of cooperation. It's difficult. It is especially difficult when there are not one or two customers. And it is all the more difficult when deadlines are tight on all sides. But the beauty of free copywriting is that you are your own boss. You build a schedule for yourself, you regulate the load for yourself. And most importantly, you set a price for yourself.

If you come to any open content exchange, you will be amazed at the range of prices for articles. However, if you take a closer look at the proposals, you can distinguish between projects of intermediaries and direct customers. What is the difference? Intermediaries offer ridiculously low prices for 1000 characters without spaces (from 5 to 10-12 rubles), but they guarantee large volumes and training for beginners. Such intermediaries do not need experience, and they do not find fault with the quality of the texts. Direct customers act differently. Their projects are described in detail, the topics of interest to them are named and serious requirements are set for applicants. Of course, in this case, the fee is indicated more seriously: from 40 rubles / 1000 characters without spaces.

But in no case should you think that this is the final cost of the services of a freelance copywriter! Of course no. You can even say that this is the bottom line of his income. If the author is really talented, hardworking, responsible and, in addition to literary flair, endowed with analytical thinking and the intuition of a marketer - he is guaranteed success in the field of copywriting! The main thing is to set a goal for yourself, be patient and move towards it step by step.

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