How To Get A Permanent Residence Permit

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How To Get A Permanent Residence Permit
How To Get A Permanent Residence Permit

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According to old memory, people continue to call permanent registration at the place of residence "registration" - this is more familiar and simpler. But no matter what terminology you use, it is necessary to issue this very registration / registration. Since life under the motto: "my address is not a house or a street" threatens you with a huge number of problems. Including - penalties from the state.

How to get a permanent residence permit
How to get a permanent residence permit

It is necessary

  • • Passport;
  • • document serving as the basis for the check-in.


Step 1

Remove from the registration at the old address and receive a sheet of departure of the established form. Also, upon discharge, the registering authorities will have to put the corresponding stamp in your passport. Please note that the loss of the departure sheet is not a reason for refusing to register your registration at a new address.

Step 2

Contact the organization responsible for the registration of citizens (passport office, etc.), or the owner of the home, if there is no such organization (for example, if you are settling in a private house in a rural terrain).

Step 3

Take with you a passport or other document proving your identity, birth certificates of children under 14 years of age, as well as a document on the basis of which you intend to move in at a new address: an apartment order, a certificate of registration of ownership of housing, a person's statement who decided to provide you with housing, a court decision recognizing your right to use housing, etc. Please note that if you intend an apartment in which several people live, then you will most likely have to obtain written consent to move in from each of them …

Step 4

Write an application for registration at the place of residence according to the established model (form No. 6). Submit the completed application and other documents to the employee of the registration authority (passport office). It usually takes 3 days to complete your registration (entering data into apartment cards or house register, filling out statistical reporting forms, etc.).

Step 5

Take your passport with a fresh registration stamp from the registering organization. Persons who have provided for identification purposes not a general civil passport of the Russian Federation, but another document (as well as children under 14 years old), are issued a certificate of registration at the place of residence of the established form.

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