How To Get A Residence Permit In Australia

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How To Get A Residence Permit In Australia
How To Get A Residence Permit In Australia

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It is possible to legally move to another country for permanent residence on condition of obtaining a residence permit - a document giving the right to permanent residence in the state. For those wishing to move to Australia, there are several options for obtaining this document.

How to get a residence permit in Australia
How to get a residence permit in Australia


Step 1

Studying at one of the higher educational institutions in Australia.

If you have successfully graduated from an Australian university, you can safely apply for a residence permit. You will also need to prove your knowledge of English at the IELTS (International English Language Testing Sytem) level.

Step 2

Qualifying immigration.

If you are one of Australia's sought-after professionals, you can also expect to be successful in obtaining a residence permit. You will be required to provide an appropriate diploma and work experience documents that can be recognized by Australian accreditation bodies as meeting the educational standards of the country. Confirmation of knowledge of English at the IELTS level is mandatory.

Step 3

Family ties, adoption, or marriage.

First, the spouses are issued a bride visa (marriage visa) for nine months, and after marriage - a residence permit (temporary visa). After two years, it will be possible to obtain permanent residence (permanent visa). If the marriage has already been concluded, the second spouse receives permanent residence also after two years. Parents of children who permanently reside in Australia receive a two-year temporary visa, and in some cases, immediately a permanent one. Proof of knowledge of English is not required in this case.

Step 4

Business immigration.

Business owners can count on getting a business visa. To do this, you need to invest in a new or existing business in Australia, as well as provide evidence of successful business in one of the other countries. After two years of doing business in Australia, it is allowed to apply for a residence permit and then citizenship.

Step 5

If you are a senior executive and have held one of the top positions in large private and public companies for at least two out of the past four years, you too can look forward to obtaining a residence permit in Australia.

Step 6

And another option for business immigrants is investing. Australia has several investment programs aimed at financial market professionals, large property owners, part-business owners and investment management professionals. For example, the standard program requires a family's total funds in business and other assets in Australia to be at least A $ 2,250,000 before applying for an investor visa.

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