How To Get A Residence Permit In Lithuania

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How To Get A Residence Permit In Lithuania
How To Get A Residence Permit In Lithuania

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According to Lithuanian law, a residence permit in Lithuania can be obtained by anyone who intends to engage in any legal activity on the territory of Lithuania. Such activities include activities that do not require a work permit or work permit, the organization of a company or institution in Lithuania, as well as the management of a company or institution. Persons of Lithuanian descent who have a spouse, spouse or relatives in Lithuania, as well as those who are going to receive education in Lithuania, are also entitled to obtain a residence permit.

How to get a residence permit in Lithuania
How to get a residence permit in Lithuania


Step 1

If a foreigner is of Lithuanian origin, has relatives or a spouse in Lithuania, then, as a rule, he receives a residence permit one hundred percent. The same is with those who want to become Lithuanian students - it is only important to provide documents confirming that you have been enrolled in a Lithuanian university.

Step 2

A residence permit in Lithuania is issued for a period of one year. Foreigners who wish to register a company or institution on the territory of Lithuania do not need to obtain a work permit in addition to a residence permit.

Step 3

When organizing a company, a foreigner must own at least 10% of its share. In addition, in the documents, he must be registered exactly as the founder of the company, even if he is actually engaged in management activities.

Step 4

In the event that the founder of the company sells his share in it, he is deprived of his residence permit. Consequently, after the sale of the share, he will have to leave the territory of Lithuania.

Step 5

It is worth remembering that everyone who wants to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania must be registered as employees of a Lithuanian company (the one that they themselves founded and the one that hired them). Otherwise, there may be difficulties with the renewal of the residence permit, which must be renewed every year.

Step 6

To obtain a residence permit, you will need to provide the following documents:

1. Copies of Russian and foreign passports.

2. photo (as for a Russian passport).

3. a copy of the Schengen visa.

4. Application form for obtaining a residence permit.

5. if you registered a company, then the documents of this company, which would confirm that you are its shareholder.

6. information about the place of residence in the territory of Lithuania.

Documents must be submitted in Lithuania itself.

Step 7

A residence permit in Lithuania, in addition to the ability to work or do business, provides the following advantages:

1. visa-free travel to the territory of all states in the Schengen area (except for Great Britain).

2. easier procedure for obtaining a visa to the USA, Canada, Australia.

3. social guarantees, identical to those of the citizens of Lithuania.

4. Anyone who has been the holder of a temporary residence permit for 5 years can become a candidate for the status of a permanent resident of the European Union.

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