How To Relinquish Ownership

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How To Relinquish Ownership
How To Relinquish Ownership

Video: How To Relinquish Ownership

Video: How To Relinquish Ownership
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According to the current legislation, today every person has the right to give up his property (movable and immovable) and material goods. To do this, it is necessary to perform a certain series of actions and carry out the registration of the relevant documents.

How to relinquish ownership
How to relinquish ownership


Step 1

Make a statement (it is written on behalf of the owner of the property) about the waiver of ownership. This application must be completed in accordance with the appropriate unified form. Check all passport details, as well as the dates that you indicated. Otherwise, the document may not be accepted for consideration.

Step 2

If the application will be submitted not by you personally, but by your representative, notarize the power of attorney, according to which this person will be your legal representative.

Step 3

Attach documents to your waiver application that prove your ownership of the property.

Step 4

If you have not registered this property earlier, take all the necessary steps to register it.

Step 5

Send the application and all attached documents by mail to the appropriate state authority.

Step 6

Contact in person where you previously registered your property.

Step 7

Submit a document to a government agency that confirms your ownership of a particular property (this is a certificate of ownership).

Step 8

Show the official a document that proves your identity or the identity of the applicant (if his representative is present).

Step 9

If your interests will be represented by another person, he must necessarily present a document (power of attorney to act on your behalf), which will be notarized.

Step 10

Make copies of all documents that you will submit to the government agency (except for the document that proves your identity).

Step 11

After the allotted time, receive a document that confirms that you no longer own this property or material wealth. Remember that now you will not be able to restore your property rights.

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