How To Write A Business Case

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How To Write A Business Case
How To Write A Business Case
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A business case is also called a financial and economic assessment, which is a form of impact assessment. It is used to assess the changes in all net cash flows that arise as a result of the implementation of methods of state regulation, the establishment of regulatory legal documents, corporate programs that are aimed at changes in the economic and social structure.

How to write a business case
How to write a business case


Step 1

Introduce changes in technical regulation standards, as well as change industry regulations, introduce various technical regulations. This will help you change and redistribute the benefits, costs, risks of the enterprise.

Step 2

Conduct a forecast of changes in all existing factors (benefits, costs) at the design stage of a change in technical regulation standards. Evaluate the financial and economic result of the implementation of these norms, ensure the optimization of costs for the implementation of the norms.

Step 3

Adjust the direction for the standard setting process and provide modeling of the impact of all standards being developed on the position of the enterprise and its industries. Create a plan for more effective interaction of requirements at different levels of the technical regulation structure.

Step 4

Make the necessary calculations in the course of forecasting the economic analysis associated with the transition to the operation of all the necessary changes in the regulatory document, including: the amount of income, budget expenditures, costs of economic entities, costs of society, tax contributions, as well as budget efficiency.

Step 5

Attach to the draft legal regulations, which, when implemented, require financial or material costs, financial and economic calculations.

Step 6

Conduct a financial and economic assessment of the company. This will enable you to: Ensure early detection of political, administrative, economic impacts and outcomes.

Step 7

Estimate the additional associated costs in cash and identify the impact of changes on the financial position of stakeholders. Then analyze the change in the structure of costs, risks and revenues and assess the redistribution of benefits to all stakeholders.

Step 8

Assess your previous business case analysis. In this case, you will receive the data that was before the analysis, as well as after changing all the factors. Thus, assess the feasibility of this project in monetary units and give recommendations for improving it, based on the problems of cost optimization.

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