What Documents To Change When Changing Registration

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What Documents To Change When Changing Registration
What Documents To Change When Changing Registration

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Changing the place of registration, or registration, as it sounds more correct from the point of view of the law, is a fairly frequent phenomenon. And it is always associated with making changes to documents. This is where the problems begin, since not everyone knows what needs to be changed when changing registration.

What documents to change when changing registration
What documents to change when changing registration

A change of residence occurs for various reasons. For example, a person changed jobs or moved to another city to get married. In any case, he will need registration at the place of residence, albeit temporary. And this involves working with documents. Any changes due to the change of registration at the place of residence must be carried out competently and in accordance with all the rules.

All changes that are made to the documents are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The process involves not only the specialists of the passport office, but also the FMS.

Registration of documents when changing registration

When changing the place of residence, it is imperative to contact the passport office at the address of the new residence. In addition, you need to refer the corresponding statement to the housing office. This is required in order for the new tenant to recalculate and begin to calculate the rent.

It should be borne in mind that in large cities it is not at all necessary to go to the housing office. Information is transmitted to the communal office directly from the passport office.

You must contact the passport office within 7 days after moving to a new location. If you are receiving permanent registration, you will need to surrender your passport to be stamped with your new registration address. The passport is handed over together with an application to the passport office. Further, his employees take the document to the FMS department so that the fact of registration of the new citizen is documented.

For men, you must additionally make a note on the military ID. And it doesn't matter at all how old the man is. The recruiting office should be aware that another potentially useful soldier or officer has now been assigned to its territory.

They will also make all the necessary changes to the house register - you will be registered in it as a new tenant. No documents will have to change. Everything will manage with the usual stamps on certain pages of the passport.

If you are applying for a temporary registration, everything will be even easier. No stamps will be put on your passport here. They will simply register at the level of the passport office and the FMS the presence of a new tenant in a certain area. Temporarily registered will be given a special paper, which will indicate the address of the place of registration and the period of validity of this registration.

Documents that will have to be reissued after the change of registration

The number of documents that will have to be reissued when changing registration include:

- vehicle registration certificate;

- compulsory medical insurance policy;

- attachment to the clinic.

It is also necessary for pensioners to re-register with the pension fund. In addition, you will have to deal with the re-registration of the car in the traffic police and transfer to another clinic at the place of residence. But such a document as TIN does not need to be changed. It is valid even if it was received in another region.

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