How To Change Documents When Changing A Surname

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How To Change Documents When Changing A Surname
How To Change Documents When Changing A Surname
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Most women change their last name to that of their husband when they get married. There are other, less common reasons for changing the name. Be that as it may, changing the surname, we must change our documents, otherwise, with the old data recorded in them, they will be invalid.

How to change documents when changing a surname
How to change documents when changing a surname


Step 1

The first step is to exchange your passport. The term of its exchange according to the law of the Russian Federation is 1 month, if you delay the exchange, you will have to pay a considerable fine.

So, to exchange a passport, you will need: 5 photographs of the established sample, a receipt for payment of the state duty for the passport form (paid at the savings bank), an application for the issuance of a passport, an old passport and the original certificate of marriage or divorce (if they are the reason for changing the surname).

Step 2

Contact the passport department, fill out some forms there, write the corresponding application, leave them all the documents collected for exchange.

The exchange of an old passport for a new one takes place within 10 days.

If you have a foreign passport, then it is also subject to exchange after you change your Russian passport. Now passports are made with a microchip. Production time - 1 month. To replace, you need your new Russian passport and an exchange application.

Step 3

The next document that you need to change urgently is the compulsory health insurance policy (OMS policy).

Contact the city department of your insurance company, not forgetting to take with you a new passport, old policy and work book if you are working.

You will be immediately given a temporary medical certificate and told when to come for a permanently valid document.

Step 4

Now you need to get SNILS - an insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance - a small green plastic card. To do this, we go to the pension fund at the place of residence, we take with us a new passport, a photocopy of the passport, a marriage certificate and its photocopy (if the reason for changing the last name is marriage). In the pension fund, we fill out an application for the exchange of a document and in a month we come and pick it up with a new surname.

Step 5

Another document that must be replaced when the surname is changed is the so-called TIN or taxpayer identification number. To exchange it, contact the tax office, do not forget the old TIN and your new passport. At the tax office, you will have to fill out an application in the prescribed form. The production time for a new TIN is one working week.

Step 6

Educational documents such as diplomas and certificates are not subject to exchange when changing the surname.

In the work book, a simple correction of your old surname is made to a new one.

Step 7

Your driver's license, if you have one, is changed at the local traffic police department. To exchange a certificate, you need photographs of the established form, a new passport, old license and an application written by you. Although, the legislation provides for the use of old rights, coupled with the presentation of a marriage certificate.

Step 8

Savings books and credit cards are changed at the respective banks. To do this, you will need to write a statement and attach a copy of the marriage certificate. Although, in the savings book, more often than not, a note is made about the change of surname.

Step 9

Real estate documents and other property registered in your previous surname remain valid upon presentation of a marriage certificate.

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