How To Change TIN When Changing A Name

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How To Change TIN When Changing A Name
How To Change TIN When Changing A Name

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There are moments in our life when we seem to open a new page of our biography. It's about a name change. But there are also disadvantages - fiddling with documents, because they need to be reissued.

How to change TIN when changing a name
How to change TIN when changing a name

TIN - taxpayer identification number. The document is an A4 sheet with twelve Arabic numerals, which contains information about the taxpayer. TIN is assigned to both individuals and legal entities. This document is required for individual entrepreneurs and civil servants. However, TIN is often required when applying for a job, because the employer is a tax agent for an individual. Therefore, it is advisable to change the TIN as soon as possible in the event of a change in personal data, or its loss. Although there are no laws on the timing of the renewal of TIN, there are no penalties.

Change of tax identification number at the place of residence

To change the TIN when changing the name, you must pay the state duty at Sberbank. How much it will cost depends on how urgently you need a new certificate. If you can wait 5-7 days, then you will have to pay only 200 rubles. For the urgent issue of TIN, the state duty is twice the usual - 400 rubles.

With a passport and a receipt for payment of the state duty, you must contact the tax office at your place of residence. If you have moved from one city to another, then you can check with any tax service where to change the TIN when changing your name, only you must register at your new place of residence, otherwise the tax office at the place of new registration will not accept your documents.

Then you need to fill out an application for re-issuance of a TIN (the tax inspector will issue a form and a sample of filling). In a week, a duplicate TIN will be ready.

The TIN number will not change when the surname is changed.

With accelerated issuance, a certificate can be obtained on the next day of the tax office's work.

Change TIN by mail

Before changing the TIN by mail, you must visit a notary office and certify a photocopy of your passport with a notary. After paying the state fee, make a copy of the payment receipt. Then go to the portal of the Federal Tax Service and fill out the form "2-2-Accounting". Print the completed application, attach all the necessary photocopies to it and send it by registered mail to the address of the tax office at the place of residence via mail.

Other services are available on the website of the Federal Tax Service: obtaining a TIN via the Internet not at the place of registration, the possibility of changing the TIN, issuing a TIN for a child, the ability to find out your own and someone else's TIN.

Thus, you can easily and quickly change your TIN in case of any changes in your data - changing your first name, patronymic, surname or if you lose your TIN.

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