How Does A Manager Communicate With Clients

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How Does A Manager Communicate With Clients
How Does A Manager Communicate With Clients

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It is wrong to think that the ability to communicate and influence others depends only on natural charm and politeness. Business communication is a process that needs to be learned.

How does a manager communicate with clients
How does a manager communicate with clients

It is necessary

interest in their work, desire to learn and learn new things, patience, attentiveness, listening skills, positive attitude, any books on classical psychology (for example, books by Dale Carnegie), business etiquette guide, notebook and pen / database, Russian dictionary


Step 1

In the manager-client relationship, the clear fulfillment of the latter's requirements comes to the fore. He pays money and must get the result he wants. Therefore, first of all, you need to learn how to perfectly navigate not only in the services or products that your employer offers, but also in the market situation. To do this, regularly check the sites of competitors, read analytics, attend industry events. Try to quickly understand the organization of business processes in your company and be sure to find out which of your colleagues you can contact with this or that question. It is important to build good relationships with your co-workers, who can hedge you and help you: situations are different! With these tips, you will build self-confidence and be able to impress your client as a professional you can trust. This is the basis for successful communication.

Step 2

It is equally important to learn to understand what the client wants, to hear him. Your confidence shouldn't translate into overconfidence. In no case should you be inattentive and disregard for someone else's experience, fears, assumptions. You need to communicate with the client based on his requests and circumstances. Immediately record in a notebook or in an electronic database everything that the client tells you, all information about him, his contacts. Don't be lazy to ask clarifying questions. By showing your sincere interest, you will create a comfortable psychological atmosphere for the client. Also, do not forget: it is very easy to piss off a person by asking him again or confusing facts about him.

Step 3

Your professionalism and interest, alas, cannot guarantee the absence of conflicts. Therefore, it is so important to familiarize yourself with scientific works on psychology. This will help to recognize those who do not really need your services and products, but need information or a scandal. And be able to quickly and politely say goodbye to them. You should prepare for unmotivated reactions, learn to cope with your aggression and "extinguish" someone else's, resist manipulation and correctly defend your point of view, based on facts.

Step 4

It will not hurt to read the literature on business etiquette and correspondence, arm yourself with a spelling and literary editing guide, a dictionary of accents. The manager must constantly improve his cultural level, monitor the literacy of writing and speaking, avoid parasitic words, ambiguous expressions, and, of course, profanity. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with materials on the socio-cultural and gender characteristics of people, so as not to offend anyone inadvertently.

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