How To Search For Clients For A Sales Manager

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How To Search For Clients For A Sales Manager
How To Search For Clients For A Sales Manager

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The salary of a sales manager depends on his diplomatic skills and ability to find new clients. Sometimes even an experienced salesperson has difficulty finding new customers.

How to search for clients for a sales manager
How to search for clients for a sales manager

It is necessary

  • - analysis of the advertisers' market and their interest in advertising;
  • - analysis of the work of competitors over the past few months;
  • - data on young companies that entered the market in the last year.


Step 1

Research the market for potential advertisers who might be interested in advertising. Often, managers do not sufficiently research the industry in which they work, due to which enterprises that have a small turnover are ignored. But experience shows that it is the sale of the most budgetary advertising packages that brings up to half of the profit of each advertising company.

Step 2

Leverage the customer base of your colleagues in the event that the company employs a staff of sales managers. This method allows you to exchange clients with an employee who, for unknown reasons, refuse to make contact. In the advertising business, the impression the manager made on a potential advertiser often plays an important role. Most often, personal dislike, unpleasant associations with the manager's image, or a failed acquaintance play a decisive role. The transfer of a potential client will be beneficial not only for the manager, but also for the enterprise as a whole. Thus, the commercial department will demonstrate loyalty and interest in the advertiser.

Step 3

Conduct a competitor analysis if you do not conduct such monitoring on a monthly basis. Write down the names of all new advertisers, as well as those who refused to cooperate with your company, preferring it to a competitive organization. Imagine what drove the advertiser to reject your offer, and what benefits it attracts from competitors. If you have come to the conclusion that the main problem does not depend on your work: poor quality printing and low circulation (for printed advertising publications) or low traffic in the area where banners are located (for outdoor advertising companies), then bring this problem out at a meeting or report the results of the analysis to the immediate supervisor.

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