How To Restore An Order

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How To Restore An Order
How To Restore An Order

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Most often, an apartment warrant is remembered when it comes to privatization. And here it often turns out that the location of this document is unknown, and it is not possible to find it. How to proceed in this case?

How to restore an order
How to restore an order


Step 1

The first thing that can and should be done is to try to restore the order, or rather, to get a document confirming the fact that the order was issued to you earlier. To do this, you need to contact the administration of the district to which your apartment belongs. Archival documents must be preserved there (for example, a decree on the issuance of an order, entries in the house book, copies of the order or its roots, etc.).

Step 2

If the order was issued so long ago that no archival documents have survived, you can draw up a social employment agreement, which is a modern analogue of the usual order.

To conclude a social employment contract, you must also contact the administration and write a corresponding statement.

Step 3

In the event that the administration refuses to execute the contract, it will be necessary to prove your right to live in this living space in court. To go to court, you will need: an official refusal of the administration to conclude a social tenancy agreement with you for the disputed living space, documents confirming the fact of your residence in the disputed living space (for example, certificates from the passport and visa service), documents justifying the right to reside (for example, order to issue a warrant, back of the warrant, all other evidence that can be collected).

Step 4

Any other documents and testimony that are significant for the court's decision will be useful. Prepare a statement of claim for establishing the right to live and send it to the court for consideration along with the package of collected documentation.

Step 5

If the decision is positive, the court will oblige the administration to conclude a social employment agreement with you. If desired, on its basis, you can carry out the privatization of housing according to the standard procedure.

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