How To Restore A Passport If It Is Lost

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How To Restore A Passport If It Is Lost
How To Restore A Passport If It Is Lost

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According to the law, the passport is changed 2 times: at the age of 20 and 45 or after a change of surname. However, it may be necessary to contact the passport office without waiting for the due date. This happens if your ID is lost or stolen.

How to restore a passport if it is lost
How to restore a passport if it is lost


Step 1

Contact the police station to which your residence address is geographically related. Write a statement about the loss of your passport. To confirm the information, you need to provide the inspector with any other document confirming your identity: a birth certificate, military ID or driver's license.

Step 2

After getting a police certificate, go to your local migration office (passport office). Write a statement to the head of the organization that you have lost your ID, and indicate the circumstances surrounding this event. Attach a certificate of loss and take a receipt for payment of the fine and state duty.

Step 3

Gather the paperwork you need to get a new passport. You need to take an extract from the house book or a certificate from the administration about your registration. Take 4 photos measuring 3 * 4 cm - they can be color or black and white. Pay the state fee and the penalty for losing your passport.

Step 4

Do not forget about the documents on the basis of which special marks are put in the passport. For example, a marriage certificate, divorce certificate or military ID. People with children need to take their birth certificate with them.

Step 5

Re-apply to the passport office with all collected documents. Now you need to write a statement stating that you need to recover the lost document. The head of the passport office must sign on the drawn up application and the inspector must put his mark on the fine.

Step 6

Submit the documents and application to the appropriate department of the organization. Ask about the term for the restoration of the document - this usually happens within a month, since the passport was lost.

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