How To Cancel A Gift Agreement

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How To Cancel A Gift Agreement
How To Cancel A Gift Agreement

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The donation agreement can be terminated at the request of the donor. And the court provides for such cases. Therefore, if you signed a deed of dedication to someone, and then change your mind for a number of reasons, you can cancel the deal.

How to cancel at agreement
How to cancel at agreement

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donation agreement


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A donation agreement, according to the current civil law in Russia, cannot be "terminated", it can only be "canceled". But at the same time, the term "termination of the donation agreement" is quite often found in legal terminology. Termination of such an agreement can occur for a number of reasons. This happens if the donee committed an unlawful act of attempted murder of the donor or his family members, or the person in whose name the donation contract was signed inflicted bodily harm on the donor. Also, the contract is terminated if the person to whom the item was presented treats it in an inappropriate way, for example, so that it may be destroyed. The gift can be returned even when the clause is spelled out in the donation agreement that the donor receives the thing back if he outlives the person being gifted. And one more reason why a donation agreement can be canceled is as follows: if after signing such an agreement and transferring the property to the donated one, the donor's financial situation changes sharply for the worse. This usually happens when the subject of donation is a living space.

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In addition, the donation contract can be terminated at the personal request of the person to whom this gift was intended. It is only necessary to declare your refusal even before transferring the property to the new owner.

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Also, the legislation provides for other options for canceling the donation agreement. This can be, for example, the recognition of the invalidity of the transaction. This often happens when they try to disguise a purchase and sale transaction under a gift agreement.

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The donation agreement can be recognized as invalid in such a case, as the fact that the transfer of the gift is provided only after the death of the donor. Also, if the text of the agreement mentions that the donee receives a gift for doing something in exchange for it at the request of the donor, or the donor managed to sign the agreement, but did not manage to register it, then the agreement can be easily canceled. Therefore, you need to very carefully follow the conditions for filling out, signing and registering the contract. And you should also remember the fact that since a person wanted to give you something, it means he treats you well, therefore, you need to behave very prudently towards him and his gift.

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