How To Name An Article

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How To Name An Article
How To Name An Article

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From the answer to the question "What is the name of the article?" depends not only on the number of people who read it, but also, without exaggeration, the reputation of the entire site on which it is hosted. After all, each article is a small stroke in the overall picture of the resource and the combination of many individual strokes creates a unique image of the whole site.

How to name an article
How to name an article


Step 1

It is better to leave the title of the article for later, when the text itself is ready. When writing, this will allow not to limit the flight of thought to the framework established by the heading. Having a ready-made text in front of your eyes, it is easier to determine the title that reflects as much as possible all the nuances of the article. Re-read the finished material, mentally formulate the essence of the text in a few capacious phrases.

Step 2

Determine the target audience of the article. In retail trade, the concept of a buyer and a consumer of a product is distinguished. The buyer is the one who purchases the product in the store, the consumer is the one who will directly use it. For example, a dad who buys a package of baby diapers in a store is definitely not a consumer of this product. He is the buyer. Therefore, diaper advertising is based on attracting customers, not consumers. With regard to articles, this phenomenon also occurs. If we post an article on text exchanges, then the title should grab the attention of the webmaster buying the content. If an article is being prepared for a website or blog, then its title should be close to the immediate readers of the resource.

Step 3

Depending on the audience of the site, we select the template for the title of the article. Obviously, flashy headlines are not suitable for articles, for example, legal topics. Conversely, a serious headline for lightweight material will scare off a percentage of potential readers. There are a lot of article title templates, for example:

• intriguing question ("Do you know what …?")

• a question starting with the word "how?" ("What is the title of the article?")

• appeal to the audience ("Only students …")

• proposal-approval ("A pond in the country - a corner of tranquility")

• offer-guarantee ("Guaranteed method …")

• motivation for action ("Get a discount …")

Of course, article titles are not limited to this list of templates.

Step 4

We compose several variants of names according to the selected templates. Then we cut off the unsuccessful ones and leave those that:

• most accurately reflect the essence of the article

• correspond to the interests of the audience

• contain keywords

• make you want to read the main text.

Step 5

After that, the selection narrows down to 1-3 best titles. Repeat the previous step for the remaining titles, choosing a champion. The winning title in this competition will be the answer to the question of how to name the article.

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