How To Patent A Name

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How To Patent A Name
How To Patent A Name

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Registration of a name as a trademark is becoming more common. A patent in the name gives you the exclusive right to use it. From the moment of obtaining a patent, the protection of a trademark is confirmed by the law of the Russian Federation.

How to patent a name
How to patent a name

It is necessary

  • -developed trademark (logo);
  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty.


Step 1

Before starting the patenting process, be clear about how you will use the name in the future. Decide for which services you are starting the registration process.

Step 2

Apply to Rospatent or to the website Visit the Rospatent library in advance. There you can find out if your trademark will be unique or similar patents already exist. This work can also be entrusted to an attorney. The cost of conducting a patent search for one trademark, including all expenses, costs approximately 4,000 rubles.

Step 3

When applying to register your name, you must submit the trademark as it will be used in the future. Remember that not every name can become a trademark. So, for example, you will not be able to register just a name. The combination of the first name with the last name may already become a trademark. And best of all, if your name is individual or at least has an original visual design in the form of accompanying drawings. You must present it in a quality form. Preferably on an electronic medium. Add a short description. It should be clear from it what you mean by this sign.

Step 4

Together with the trademark, you must provide a description of the activity you intend to conduct. Explain in detail how you will use the trademark. Specify what activities others should not carry out under your trademark.

Step 5

Also, you must provide Rospatent with some data of the applicant. If you represent a firm, write its full name in accordance with the charter. The location of quotes, hyphens, and the size of letters also matter. Indicate all available details: legal address, OKPO code, if any, postal address, TIN, KPP, bank details. Add contact information: last name, first name and patronymic, phone numbers, faxes, address for correspondence.

Step 6

In addition, you must pay the state fee. The total cost of filing a trademark for registration, including fees, will be approximately 29,000 rubles.

Step 7

You will be able to obtain a patent in about a year from the date of application. All the while, you have the right to use your name as a trademark. You also have the right to demand payment from anyone who uses your name for commercial purposes. If the name is used illegally, go to court for the forced termination of the offender's activities, the seizure of products sold under your name.

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