How To Change The Last Name

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How To Change The Last Name
How To Change The Last Name

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Contrary to popular belief, the procedure for changing a surname is quite simple. It will take only 1 business day to submit the required documents.

The main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation
The main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation

It is necessary

  • - application for a change of surname;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - marriage certificate, if you are married / married;
  • - a certificate of divorce, if a premarital surname is taken due to a divorce;
  • - if there are minor children - birth certificates;
  • - for further appeal to the passport office - an application for the issue or replacement of a passport;
  • - 2 photographs of the established sample;
  • - military ID;
  • - birth certificates of children under the age of 14;
  • - documents confirming registration at the place of residence;
  • - certificate of registration or divorce;
  • - international passport;
  • - a receipt for payment of the state duty.


Step 1

If the decision to change your surname is deliberate and final, go to the registry office. In a big city, there may be several of them, in this case, first specify by phone which of them you belong to geographically. Typically, these institutions are open until 17:00 with a break in the middle of the day.

Step 2

If you lose any document, you need to restore it, since photocopies are not accepted. For recovery, please contact strictly the department where it was issued to you.

Step 3

Before submitting an application to the registry office, pay the state fee, which is about 1000 rubles. You can pay at the nearest Sberbank branch or through the terminal at the institution itself. Be careful - all terminals charge a commission and do not give out change.

Step 4

In accordance with the federal law "On acts of civil status", an application for a change of surname is considered within 1 month. In some cases, this period can be increased to 2 months. The applicant will be notified of this in writing.

Step 5

Get a certificate of surname change. Based on its availability, you will be issued a passport with a new surname. To do this, you need to submit a package of documents, attaching an application to it, to the passport office at the place of residence. From the moment of receiving the certificate, no more than 30 days should elapse.

Step 6

The most difficult thing is to come after you pick up a new passport. The surname changes in all basic documents, such as a driver's license, compulsory health insurance policy, passport, bank cards. There may be some difficulties with documents confirming the right to real estate, as well as powers of attorney. The certificate of secondary education, work book and diploma do not require replacement, you can use them with the presentation of a certificate of surname change.

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