How To Register Alcohol

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How To Register Alcohol
How To Register Alcohol
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Not all beginner entrepreneurs are familiar with how to obtain a license for the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. It is, of course, difficult to resolve the issues of licensing and registration of alcohol, but it is possible.

How to register alcohol
How to register alcohol


Step 1

If you decide to manufacture or trade alcoholic beverages, start with the mandatory registration of a new legal entity. This can be done at the office of the Federal Tax Service.

Step 2

Submit to the Federal Tax Service copies of the documents required for registration of a legal entity certified by a notary:

- the charter of the company being organized;

- an agreement on the establishment of an enterprise (if there are several founders);

- decision (minutes) of the general meeting on the establishment of the enterprise;

Attach an application (form Р11001) to the submitted documents and pay the state duty in the established amount.

Step 3

Get the required statistics codes (OKPO), which reflect the type of activity, and register with off-budget funds.

Step 4

Open a current bank account. Draw up an application addressed to the manager, to which you must attach certified copies of documents, as well as a certificate of registration with the tax authorities, OKPO codes, a certificate confirming your registration in extra-budgetary funds.

Step 5

Apply for a license for the right to produce or sell alcoholic beverages. To do this, you must contact the department of the State Committee for Consumer Rights Protection (licensing department) and submit the following documents:

- certified copies of constituent documents;

- certificate of registration with the tax authorities;

- a certificate from the tax inspection department about the absence of debts.

Attach a license application to the documents. In addition, pay the cost of the license at the bank.

Step 6

In order for a specialist from the State Committee for the Protection of Consumer Rights upon arrival at your enterprise, retail outlet or catering establishment to make a decision to issue you a license without delay, fill out the following documents in a timely manner:

- lease and security agreements;

- certificate of registration of the right to real estate;

- the conclusion of the SES and the fire department on the satisfactory condition of the premises.

Step 7

If the specialist does not find violations, then he draws up an act on the compliance of the submitted documents with reality, and within 30 days your company, store or restaurant is issued a license for the right to manufacture or trade.

Step 8

If you are only engaged in the production of alcohol, then issue a product registration certificate with Rospotrebnadzor (for the mandatory certification procedure). To do this, it is necessary to submit documents of the enterprise and product samples for examination. These documents are accompanied by a corresponding statement and a receipt for the payment of the state duty.

Step 9

If the experts make a positive decision on the compliance of the declared alcoholic product with existing standards, then you will be issued a certificate of registration (no later than half a month after submitting the application). This certificate can be issued only for one product name.

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