How To Register A Cash Register

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How To Register A Cash Register
How To Register A Cash Register

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Cash register equipment must be registered with the tax office at the place of registration of an individual entrepreneur or company. Further, cash registers are included in the State Register, which completes the process of their registration.

How to register a cash register
How to register a cash register

It is necessary

  • The following documents will need to be submitted to the tax office:
  • 1. statement
  • 2. passport (form) of the cash register;
  • 3. issued passport of the reference version of the cash register;
  • 4. contract for the maintenance of the cash register;
  • 5. book of the cashier-operator;
  • 6. log of a call for a technical specialist (KM-8) with a note about pasting the cash register with stamps - seals;
  • 7. certificate of registration with the tax authority;
  • 8. certificate of registration;
  • 9. Lease agreement for the premises where the cash register will be installed;
  • 10. a copy of the last balance sheet with the stamp of the tax office.


Step 1

First of all, find out that by law you definitely need to have a cash register (and therefore register it). Cash register equipment is not needed, for example, when selling securities, travel tickets, lottery tickets. You can see the full list of activities that do not require cash registers in the Federal Law "On the use of cash registers when making cash settlements and (or) payments using payment cards" dated 05.22.2003 (Article 2).

Step 2

Also, a cash register is not needed for individual entrepreneurs and companies that pay a single imputed income tax (UTII). If you are one of them, then you can start working without a cash register.

Step 3

Those who legally need a cash register should purchase one and contact the tax office where you (your organization) are registered. To do this, you need to provide a certain (rather large) list of documents, including both basic information about the entrepreneur or organization (OGRN, TIN), and data on the cash register itself.

Step 4

After accepting the package of documents, you will be assigned the time of fiscalization of the cash register at the tax office. At this time, the foreman from the Technical Service Center must fill in the details of the receipt, seal the device, etc. The tax inspector, in turn, must check this.

Step 5

After registering a cash register in them, the tax authorities enter it into the State Register of cash registers, information about it, including the details printed by this cash register on the check, information about the models of cash registers, etc. This procedure takes up to 5 working days. After this period, you can start working with the cash register.

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