How To Find A Soccer Agent

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How To Find A Soccer Agent
How To Find A Soccer Agent

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Today there are quite a few football agents, but not all of them approach their work with due responsibility. Therefore, the choice of a football agent must be approached very carefully. It is on this that the future fate of a novice footballer largely depends.

How to find a soccer agent
How to find a soccer agent


Step 1

Contact the Football Agents Association. This is an association of licensed agents, where you can find the option that suits you and draw up a contract. The association cooperates with such structures in the world of football as FIFA, UEFA, RFU and others.

Step 2

When choosing a football agent, remember that he must necessarily have a license that allows him to engage in this type of activity. The RFU commission has a register of all licensed agents in Russia, which is updated every year.

Step 3

A good agent is obliged to provide a football player or club with high-quality services in resolving various legal issues, must take responsibility for working with employment contracts between the club and the player, as well as provide consulting, representation and mediation services related to the client's labor and transfer activities.

Step 4

When choosing a football agent, pay attention to education, work experience in this field, no criminal record. It is encouraged if a football agent in the past was himself a player or coach and knows about all the pitfalls and peculiarities of working in the field of football.

Step 5

Pay attention to the recommendations. As a rule, a football agent is chosen once and cooperates with him throughout his further sports career. If you know a person who was, for objective reasons, dissatisfied with the cooperation with this agent, look for another option.

Step 6

Remember that the amount of the agency's fee under the contract should not exceed 10% of gross income (and if a football player has not reached the age of sixteen, then this figure is reduced to 3%). The agent usually assumes all costs associated with flights and organizing meetings with representatives of the football club.

Step 7

If one of these requirements is not met by the agent, and he does not provide adequate support to the player, report the violation to the RFU commission and change the agent.

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