How To Find A Client For An Insurance Agent

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How To Find A Client For An Insurance Agent
How To Find A Client For An Insurance Agent

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In European countries, the insurance product has already become the norm, while in Russia people are still getting used to it. An insurance agent acts not only as a representative of his company, but also, often, plays the role of a teacher, a primary source.

How to find a client for an insurance agent
How to find a client for an insurance agent

It is necessary

  • - persistence and dedication;
  • - knowledge and communication skills;
  • - self confidence;
  • - the ability to conduct a conversation;
  • - business cards.


Step 1

Finding a client for an insurance agent becomes more difficult over time, as many competitive companies appear that offer similar services at similar prices. How can a potential client like it in such conditions? First and foremost is the look. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, the insurance agent should always look presentable and neat, but by no means too chic. A beautifully and stylishly dressed person can start a conversation with both an ordinary housewife and a businessman, director of a large enterprise. Find several options for suits.

Step 2

You can look perfect, but not sign a single insurance contract. The reason is uncertainty. You need to learn to grab the attention of a potential client, to captivate a conversation, to push you to the idea of ​​the need to insure this or that object, value, life. An insurance agent is, first of all, a good psychologist. Learn to communicate with people, do not be afraid to approach people, feel confident during the conversation.

Step 3

Learn to emphasize the advantages of insurance in your company over others, without offending your competitors. Knowledge of all the intricacies of an insurance product, the ability to explain any subtlety, to find arguments in favor of buying a policy is the main task of an insurance agent. Learn to speak convincingly and to the point, practice quietly leading the conversation in the direction the insurer needs. Train yourself to operate with your knowledge and facts of life.

Step 4

The ideal conclusion of a dialogue between a potential client and an insurance agent is the signing of an insurance contract. To complete a transaction, you need not only to be able to do the right thing during the acquaintance, but also to be able to prevent a person from changing his mind. More than 90% of transactions are concluded at the first meeting. Rehearse your options.

Step 5

Even if the conversation ended, and the client did not want to buy a policy, do not despair. Say goodbye to the person, leave a business card with a personal phone number and offer to call if you need the services of an insurance agent. Only if the conversation ended on a pleasant wave, there is a possibility that the interlocutor will still become the agent's client.

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