How To Get A Job As A Bank Agent

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How To Get A Job As A Bank Agent
How To Get A Job As A Bank Agent

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The bank agent is often listed as a freelancer. His responsibilities include attracting clients to the bank, offering them the design of various banking products - debit, credit cards, loans, deposits.

How to get a job as a bank agent
How to get a job as a bank agent

How to get a job as a bank agent

The algorithm for getting a job as a banking agent includes the following steps:

- find the vacancy of a banking agent you are interested in;

- evaluate the bank's requirements for an applicant to work as an agent and their compliance with your candidacy;

- fill out an applicant's questionnaire or send a resume (if necessary);

- pass a short interview with the bank employee in charge of employment in person or by phone;

- in case of a positive decision of the bank to hire you, you must sign an agreement at the bank branch.

Before starting work, agents must undergo special free training. A curator can be attached to them during their work, who will help in the event of difficult situations.

In most cases, there is no need for specialized education to work as an agent; banks independently conduct training for their freelance employees.

Vacancies for the position of a banking agent today can be found on specialized portals dedicated to finding a job or through search engines. As a rule, this vacancy is located in the remote work section. She is also called internet agent, freelance agent, home agent.

Often such jobs are published on blogs dedicated to making money at home and freelancing. Another option for finding a job as an agent is to consider open vacancies and affiliate programs directly on the website of the bank where you would like to work.

Who is hired as a bank agent

Quite modest requirements are imposed on candidates for the position of a banking agent. As a rule, these are:

- age from 18 years;

- general education;

- presence in the region of residence of the agent of a bank branch;

- basic computer knowledge and Internet access.

The number of documents requested by the employing bank from the candidate includes a passport, pension certificate, TIN. Some banks will also ask you to fill out a special application form. Some lending institutions may also have special requirements for agents. So, among the conditions for working as an agent of MoskomPrivatBank, the obligatory registration of a Universalna credit card is included. It is issued free of charge, there is no annual maintenance fee.

Please note that if you are required to make any money investments for registration by an agent, this serves as a signal that this work is an ordinary fraud. Also try to work only under a formal contract. Of course, personal income tax (13%) will be withheld from earnings, but the existence of an agreement will serve as a guarantee of receiving remuneration for the work performed.

Advantages and disadvantages of working as a bank agent

The advantage of working as a bank agent is the ability to work remotely, independently planning your work schedule. You will not have an established sales plan and you can complete your work at any time.

The only disadvantage of such work is the lack of a fixed salary. At the same time, there is no earnings ceiling either. It all depends on the results of the agent's work and the number of clients he attracted. The amount of remuneration for each issued banking product is preliminarily discussed by the employer. It can range from 60 to 1000 rubles. for each client.

For example, the remuneration in MoscomPrivatBank for issuing credit cards is 120 rubles, for a Gold card - 250 rubles, for a pension card - 150 rubles.

Reviews of such work are contradictory, while negative ones are traditionally more common. Many complain that they never managed to earn anything and stopped working.Others talk about the imposition of various paid services by bank employees when applying for a job, and also point to the need to bring several more people to work.

How to attract customers

Each agent decides for himself the question of how to attract clients to the bank. Banks provide only a list of working tools - forms, links, etc. Most often, applications are submitted to the bank via the Internet. Each agent can be assigned its own banner with an individual number, when the client switches to which, the application is automatically generated in favor of the agent. Banks are introducing one restriction - it is forbidden to use spam methods (unauthorized distribution of advertising letters) to attract customers.

It is worth noting that the agent only transmits to the bank a list of the information requested by him - sometimes only the surname, name and telephone number of the potential client is enough, and the bank makes the decision to grant a loan on its own.

Many start out by involving their relatives and friends. But since their number is limited, many agents create their own website where they post information about the offered banking products. Some run advertising campaigns on the Internet, social networks, on message boards, on their blogs, etc.

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