How To Find A Job In England

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How To Find A Job In England
How To Find A Job In England

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Many people in modern Russia would like to work abroad, all the time or for a limited period. But not everyone knows that there are many difficulties associated with obtaining a work permit and finding a suitable specialty. Despite this, compatriots manage to find work even in such a difficult country for immigration as the UK.

How to find a job in England
How to find a job in England

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - diplomas and certificates of education.


Step 1

Raise Your English Proficiency To Advansed. In addition, learn professional vocabulary in your field, which can be very different from the usual set of words and expressions for everyday communication.

Step 2

Find a potential employer. This can be done in various ways. For example, get a job in an international company, prove yourself as a valuable specialist, ready to develop, and you will have a chance to transfer to another country, including the UK, if it has branches of your company.

You can also search for work directly in the UK with the help of UK recruiting agencies working with people living in other countries. A list of them can be found on the portal of the British Embassy in Moscow.

Step 3

If you are a scientist and would like to pursue your research or teaching career in England, please contact directly the university or laboratory whose research program suits your profile. Both a young candidate of sciences and a professor with extensive professional experience have chances of employment. To improve your chances of getting a job, publish one or more articles on your research topic in one of the peer-reviewed English-language scientific journals.

Step 4

There are professions for which a Russian diploma is not enough for employment. For example, a doctor wishing to work in the UK will have to confirm his diploma and partially repeat his course of study already in an English educational institution.

Step 5

A special internship program can also be a good job search option. You can participate in it if you are a student of a Russian university. The bottom line is that you replace any employee in a low position while he is on vacation. Naturally, your work is paid lower than that of a qualified specialist, but such employment will give you a very important thing - work experience in England. If the employer is interested in your candidacy, you can return to the firm where you interned after graduation.

For example, the student association AIESEC organizes such internships in Russia.

Step 6

Having found an employer and a position for yourself, take up the paperwork for leaving. The visa must be obtained at one of the UK visa centers. Prepare documents confirming the purpose of your trip, in this case, an invitation from the employer. Apply to enter the country in advance, as the processing of documents for a long-term visa can take up to a month.

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