How To Certify A Document With A Notary

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How To Certify A Document With A Notary
How To Certify A Document With A Notary

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Certification of copies of documents is one of the most demanded services provided to citizens by notary offices. Certified copies have the same legal effect as the originals. They may be needed when registering an inheritance, applying for a job, obtaining loans, benefits and payments, concluding real estate transactions, etc.

How to certify a document with a notary
How to certify a document with a notary

It is necessary

  • - original document;
  • - a photocopy of the document;
  • - passport.


Step 1

Make sure the document can be notarized. According to the law, a notary has no right to certify documents that do not have a registration number, date of adoption, seals and signatures of officials. The text should be free of pencil notes, erasures and unspecified corrections (that is, corrections without the mark "Believe corrected" with a signature and seal). Laminated, dilapidated, poorly readable documents, sheets with partially lost text, with fuzzy seals are not certified. If signatures are made using facsimile stamps or a color printer, this is also a ground for refusal. A document consisting of several sheets must be numbered, bound and stamped.

Step 2

Prepare the required number of photocopies of all sheets of the document. If the information is on both sides of the sheet, the copy must also be double-sided. Photocopying can be ordered in Households, photo studios, post offices, libraries and printing houses, as well as in notary offices themselves. Photocopies for notarization must be clear, the text well readable, signatures and seals clearly legible.

Step 3

Contact the office for certification of documents, having with you the original, photocopies and a civil passport. An employee of the notary office will check the compliance of your document with all the requirements, and also check the copy with the original. After that, on its first page in the upper right corner there will be a stamp "Copy", and in the lower right - a stamp with a part of the name of the settlement (for example, "Moscow -"). On the last page of the copy they put a stamp certifying the copy and the seal of a notary, and next to them - a stamp with the end of the name of the settlement (in our example "-va"). These techniques help distinguish genuine notarized copies from counterfeit ones.

Step 4

Sign a certified copy with a notary. Sign in a special register, where a record of certification of copies of the document should be made, indicating your passport data, the name of the document, the number of pages and the number of copies.

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