What Documents Are Needed For MSEC

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What Documents Are Needed For MSEC
What Documents Are Needed For MSEC

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People with disabilities are perhaps one of the most vulnerable categories of the population. In order to receive the due payments and benefits, it is necessary to register a disability in the bureau of medical and social examination. What documents are needed to pass the ITU?

What documents are needed for MSEC
What documents are needed for MSEC


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Basically, an organization that provides medical and preventive care is sent for a medical and social examination (the social protection body or the body that provides pensions also has the right to do this). So, first we go to the healthcare facility. There they will carry out the necessary diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation measures and issue a referral to the ITU. Check the passport details on the document. Please note: the direction must be stamped with a healthcare facility and at least three signatures of doctors. Extracts from hospitals must also be certified with seals, and not only with the doctor's personal seal and a corner stamp (it is better to attach copies of them to the application). If you have the conclusions of specialists or laboratory studies from other health care facilities (the seal of the institution is also required), attach these copies to the application. When you come for examination at the ITU, take with you an outpatient card, X-rays, and original hospital extracts. The bureau staff will check the originals with the copies.

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If you work, then the ITU bureau must provide a work book or a copy of it, certified by the personnel department. As well as a production characteristic with an indication of the date of its compilation and the seal of the company where you work. The document should indicate the conditions of your work and how you cope with your duties. You may also need a diploma of education, a copy of which you will attach to the referral to the ITU, and take the original with you for certification. Students will need a certificate of education from an educational institution and pedagogical characteristics. If the disease is related to work (industrial accident, occupational disease), then either the relevant act, or the conclusion of the state labor protection inspector, or a court decision on the establishment of the fact of occupational disease or occupational accident must be provided.

Step 3

Personal documents. If the patient is already 14 years old, then a passport is needed. Up to 14 years old - birth certificate and passport of one of the parents or guardian. If the examination is repeated, an existing certificate of disability and an Individual Rehabilitation Program for a Disabled Person (IPR) with notes on its implementation must be submitted to the ITU Bureau. If you belong to the privileged category of citizens, please also show your ID.

Step 4

What if you are unable to attend the ITU on your own? In order for the bureau staff to examine you at home (you have every right to do this), in addition to being sent for examination, a certificate from the medical commission is also provided.

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