How To Find A Case

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How To Find A Case
How To Find A Case

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Does a bee get tired of doing the same thing? It is difficult to imagine that a bee would suddenly start harvesting nuts like a squirrel. In nature, everything is balanced. When a person is busy with what he loves, he looks like a bee. He doesn't get bored. He has been honing his skills for years. We would be surprised if a famous football player left football for no particular reason and started selling something. Why would he? How can you find your own business in which you can fully realize yourself? Let's take a fantastic approach.

Follow the example of the bee
Follow the example of the bee


Step 1

Write down three things that you would take with you to a desert island. It's always warm there, so you don't have to worry about clothes. There are many fruit trees, so you will be provided with a variety of food. Nobody will ask you to pay the bills, you are free of everything. Nobody comes to visit you without permission. Nearby there is an island inhabited by civilized tribes. They know your language. You can visit them at any time. You have to live on your island for 20 years. What three things will you take there? Think well, then it will be too late. Come back only after 20 years. Everything you need to maintain these three things on your island will be, and nothing else.

Step 2

Which of these three things would you like to bring to a neighboring inhabited island or show the people you invite to your island? For what purpose will you show them this thing or the results of its use? Remember that you do not need food, clothing, or money.

Step 3

Try in real life to do what you have planned on the island. Are you interested in this business? Are you ready to do it "day and night" over the next 20 years? Are you really interested? If so, then this is exactly what you need to do.

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