What Documents Are Needed To Register As A Young Family

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What Documents Are Needed To Register As A Young Family
What Documents Are Needed To Register As A Young Family
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The "Young Family" program is effective in relation to a large number of social campaigns initiated by the state, but the most desirable of them seems to be a preferential mortgage. It is young families who have the opportunity to get a loan for the purchase of housing in state banks on acceptable terms.

What documents are needed to register as a young family
What documents are needed to register as a young family


Step 1

The scheme and set of documents for joining the "Young Family" program are approved at the state level, but due to the fact that regional "variations" are allowed, there may be some variations. It all depends on what constituent entity of the Russian Federation the applicants for it are in.

Step 2

The initial document for future program participants is their application, completed in duplicate according to a sample drawn up and received by the local administration. Moreover, one of them remains in the hands of the applicants in a certified form. It is also necessary to present official documents for adults and children who are part of the family - a Russian passport and a birth certificate (do not forget clear photocopies "), as well as a marriage certificate (again, copies are needed).

Step 3

Further, documentary evidence is needed that the young family needs to improve their living conditions. It would seem that it is not entirely clear what these documents are? Again, first of all, you need to get clear advice from the local administration, but usually this is an assurance about the absence of residential or commercial premises or a land plot in the ownership. They can be obtained from the city management of the inventory, from the BTI, the committee on land resources and other property institutions. Proof of need in the status of "Young family" is also information on the presence of less than 18 square meters of property per family member.

Step 4

An important document is also a document on the financial capabilities of the family, which in the future will need to pay the average estimated cost of housing in terms of exceeding the amount of the requested subsidy. This is a standard certificate of the state of a personal account issued at a bank, a certificate of the place of work of the 2NDFL standard, as well as other documents that can confirm the regularity of income and the possibility of making further payments.

Step 5

Do not forget that applicants will need to officially prove the fact of registration for the period from the last 11 years in the very territory where you are going to apply for further participation in the program. Do not be alarmed in advance if only one family member has such a certificate, since it is he who can act as a submitter.

Step 6

It is after checking all of the above and possibly additionally requested certificates that the local administration will be able to make a decision on assigning the status of "Young Family" to applicants. Sometimes this process can take several weeks or even months, as officials will pay great attention to the reliability of the information. The official response is sent to the mailing address of the applicant's place of registration.

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