How To Get A Land Plot For A Young Family

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How To Get A Land Plot For A Young Family
How To Get A Land Plot For A Young Family

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According to the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the authorities can provide land for residential development only for a fee and by way of an auction. Nevertheless, according to the same code, local authorities of the constituent entities of the Federation can establish the right of certain categories of citizens to receive free plots of land for individual housing construction.

How to get a land plot for a young family
How to get a land plot for a young family


Step 1

In order to have such a right, it is necessary to reside in the constituent entity of the Federation in which it is established by law (for example, the Leningrad, Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Buryatia), and also belong to one of the privileged categories of citizens of the Russian Federation, for example, to be a young family. A young family is a family in which the age of both spouses does not exceed 35 years. In addition, the family must be recognized as in need of better housing conditions and not have their own housing. First of all, get registered: submit an application to the local administration or the committee for the management of municipal property.

Step 2

If you want to get a plot entirely and completely within the framework of the corresponding program, then you will not have to do anything else. Just wait and wait and wait. For many years, until finally you will be provided with the very coveted plot for a purely symbolic fee and even practically without the cost of preparing the plots. But you can go the other way.

Step 3

Enter into an agreement with the administration for a three-year lease of a plot for the organization of a private household plots (personal subsidiary plots). As a young family in need of better living conditions, you are most likely to be met. After the conclusion of the contract, complete all the documents necessary for the site, and then proceed with the construction of the property. As such, even the simplest change house will go. You now have property on the land you lease. Based on this, apply to the same committee for the management of municipal property for the purchase of the site at a preferential rate. In another couple of years, the site will be yours.

Step 4

The second option for acquiring a plot is much more complicated, but it allows you to acquire a plot of land in ownership in a somewhat shorter time frame and in a better location. Well, what can we say about a simple purchase of a plot! Firstly, it is several times more expensive, and secondly, it is technically difficult, since land in our country is legally sold only through the auction system.

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