How To File An Insurance Claim

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How To File An Insurance Claim
How To File An Insurance Claim

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There are often times in life when an insurance company illegally delays or reduces insurance payments. Or maybe refuse to pay money altogether. In this case, there is no choice but to file a claim against her and prove his case in court.

How to file an insurance claim
How to file an insurance claim

It is necessary

  • -insurance policy;
  • -statement of claim;
  • -documents confirming identity;
  • - documents confirming the occurrence of an insured event;
  • - a copy of the application to the insurance company about the occurrence of the insured event.


Step 1

Before filing a claim, stock up on documents confirming the occurrence of an insured event, as well as calculate the amount of loss and testify the very fact of submitting documents to the insurance company. For example, if the case concerns an accident, you need to take a copy of the protocol in the traffic police, an auto-hull policy and a written answer issued to you by the insurance company.

Step 2

If this answer is not there (although when the client contacts the insurance company upon the occurrence of an insured event, the company is obliged to issue a written response and conduct an examination of the case itself), contact the insurance company in writing again with a request to issue the necessary documents. We are talking about the results of the examination and the insurance act, in which the company indicates the amount of damage and the very fact of the insured event.

Step 3

If the insurance company refuses to issue the necessary documents, you can organize the examination yourself, using the services of independent experts. In this case, call the representative of the insurance company to the place of inspection by telegram, and enter the cost of his services in a lawsuit for further compensation of your expenses.

Step 4

After collecting the preliminary documents for filing a claim, file a claim against the insurance company. Indicate in it the rules of law, insurance conditions, and also attach all the documents you have collected to the claim. Do not forget to indicate the price of the claim and the calculation of the disputed funds.

Step 5

Before filing a claim in court, you will need to pay a state fee. Indicate its size in the statement of claim, attaching the original receipt to it. This is necessary to compensate the losing party for your cash costs.

Step 6

Claims against insurance companies are presented at their location. By filing a lawsuit, you just have to wait for a summons to testify and defend your rights.

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