What Is The Penalty For Damaging A Passport

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What Is The Penalty For Damaging A Passport
What Is The Penalty For Damaging A Passport

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A damaged passport is considered lost, even if its unfitness is partial, not complete. Accordingly, no matter how much you damage your passport - much or very little, you have to act according to the same scheme.

The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation must be well readable
The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation must be well readable

Signs of inadequacy

A passport can be considered invalid if its integrity is violated: the pages are either torn, or badly frayed, or are missing altogether. Also a sign of unsuitability is the absence of a cover or photograph.

If the information is unreadable or stamps and seals are blurred, you also face a fine for losing your passport. This may be due to the effects of exposing the document to fire, water or chemicals.

If a passport fell into the hands of young children and they left drawings or other marks that cannot be erased with an eraser, the passport can also be considered worn out and apply for a new one.

Necessary actions

You need to contact a subdivision of the Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS). If you apply at the place of your permanent residence, the period for issuing a passport will be minimal - no more than 10 days. If you apply to the passport office at the place of temporary registration or do not have a registration at all at the moment, then the period for issuing a passport will be approximately two months.

If your health does not allow you to do this on your own, you can invite passport officers to your home - they have no right to refuse to accept your application at home. To do this, you should call the department of the service or ask loved ones to look into the department of the FMS and invite employees. They will need to inform you in advance of the day they will be able to come to you for an application.

Penalty for damaging a passport

In case of loss or damage to the passport, according to article 19.16. Of the Code of Administrative Offenses (Code of Administrative Offenses) of the Russian Federation, you will be obliged to pay a fine of 500 rubles - as a rule, if the damage to the passport is recognized as intentional. However, at the discretion of the FMS employee, he can limit himself to a verbal warning (most often this can end the case if it is obvious that the child has spoiled the passport).

However, it is most often impossible to prove the intentionality of your actions (unless you yourself indicate this in the application), therefore, the actions of the FMS employees can be challenged in court. Or just write a complaint about the employee who wrote you a fine, to the name of his immediate supervisor.

Sometimes a fine can be avoided if the reasons for replacing the passport are indicated not as damage to it, but as loss. At the same time, remember that you should not write in the reasons for the theft of the document (if this is actually not the case), because in this case the procedure for obtaining a new passport will be greatly delayed.

In any case, you will also have to pay a state fee of 500 rubles.

Documents required to replace a passport

Application for a replacement passport (a sample can be found and printed from the FMS website, obtained from the passport office, or simply written by hand), two color or black-and-white photographs 35x45 in size in the prescribed form (if you need a temporary certificate, then you will need 4 photos), a receipt for payment of the duty (the form can be downloaded from the FMS website or obtained from the passport office). This is the minimum required set of documents.

An old, damaged passport will also come in handy, only if you have not indicated its loss in the reasons for replacing it.

It will not be superfluous to have with you a military ID, confirmation of registration (extract from the house book), certificate of registration or divorce, birth certificates of children. But these documents may not be needed.

The FMS employee will give you a certificate confirming the acceptance of documents, or a temporary identity card instead of a permanent passport. Having received a new passport, you will need to temporarily surrender the certificate.

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