How To Fill Out A Termination Order In

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How To Fill Out A Termination Order In
How To Fill Out A Termination Order In

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The dismissal order has a special form number T-8. It is filled in in duplicate. One remains in the personnel department, the other is transferred to the accounting department. The document is signed by the director of the organization and the dismissed.

How to fill out a dismissal order
How to fill out a dismissal order


Step 1

Download the file of the order for dismissal form No. T-8. You can do this on the websit

Step 2

In the first lines of the order, indicate the legal name of the company, its OKUD and OKPO code. Put its code next to the "Order" inscription. It must be at least three-digit and mixed - alphabetic and numeric. For example, 123-ZD.

Step 3

In the line "Terminate the employment contract from" indicate its number and the date when the document was concluded. In the event that an employment contract has not been drawn up, cross out this paragraph. Then, in the “Dismissal” column, write the last day of the employee’s presence at the workplace.

Step 4

Next, enter the last name, first name, patronymic of the dismissed, the department in which he worked, the structural unit, the department. Indicate the position held.

Step 5

In the next column "Grounds for termination (termination) of the employment contract (dismissal)", enter the name of the document on the basis of which the dismissal order was drawn up. This can be a memo, the end of the employment contract, the employee's own statement, etc.

Step 6

Then in the line "Head of the organization" indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the general director of the legal entity in which the employee is listed. Under it, in the column “With the order (the employee is familiar with the order)”, write the name of the person to be dismissed. After that, give the document for signature.

Step 7

The lowest point: "Motivated opinion of the elected trade union body in writing", is filled in only if there is a similar one in the company. Then you need to put the number of the document issued by the trade union.

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