How To Find A Weekend Job

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How To Find A Weekend Job
How To Find A Weekend Job

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Not always life circumstances and wages allow you to devote the weekend to rest and communication with family or friends. In difficult situations, you have to sacrifice entertainment and spend Saturday and Sunday at work.

How to find a weekend job
How to find a weekend job


Step 1

If you know a foreign language perfectly or at least at an advanced level, find students or adults who need to learn this language. Charge clients from 100 rubles per hour and meet with them on weekends. You can also become a tutor for primary school students in Russian, mathematics or physics. The school curriculum of this level, if desired, can be understood even without special training.

Step 2

Contact the printer and ask if they need typesetters. Understand how Word works if you don't already know how to use it, and practice using Fine Reader. Convert the manuscripts given to you into printed texts with the.doc extension. This work is piece-work, that is, your salary will depend on the amount of work performed. On average, at the initial stage, you will earn 25 rubles for one A4 printed sheet.

Step 3

Go to all the supermarkets in your area, or, if getting around town on the weekend does not bother you, all the supermarkets in the city. Ask the store administration if they need weekend cashiers. Sign a contract with the director for several months, stating that you will only come to work on Saturday and Sunday. If you don't have special cashier skills, figure out how to pay customers and work with a cash register. Prepare to be friendly, attentive, and welcoming.

Step 4

Contact an agency that organizes promotions for various companies. Get there to work as a promoter. This option is ideal if you are under the age of majority. Agree with the supervisor on which days you are going to work and for how many hours, since your payment depends on this amount.

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