How To Get Equity Participation

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How To Get Equity Participation
How To Get Equity Participation

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Recently, most developers, in order to save money, are actively using the equity method in the construction of a residential building. This means that future tenants of the apartment building will act as investors. They themselves will pay for the construction of their new apartments at a favorable initial price for them.

How to get equity participation
How to get equity participation

It is necessary

Equity agreement, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, services of a lawyer or real estate agency


Step 1

For a long time, some details of the equity participation agreement for the construction of a residential building were not legally formalized. This was used by fraudulent developers, selling the same apartment to different people. To avoid such confusion and subsequent disappointments, before buying a home in a new building, be sure to use the services of a competent lawyer or real estate agency, since only they can issue a share participation correctly and safely.

Step 2

The procedure for registering a share participation takes place in several stages. At the very beginning, collect all the necessary information about the structure. Find out whether the land plot really belongs to the developer, whether he received the appropriate permission to build this object, what cadastral number the land is assigned to. All permissions and rights under Russian law must be registered in the Unified State Register of Rights - USRR. Information about the construction project should also be displayed by the developer in the media.

Step 3

Having found out the cadastral number of the land plot, go to the Office of the Federal Registration Service and order an extract from the USRR for it. In it, you can familiarize yourself in detail with the history of registered transactions that took place earlier between participants in shared construction. If the apartment is "clean", then you can conclude an agreement with the seller, but strictly for this apartment. To do this, indicate in the contract the postal address of the building under construction and the number of your future apartment. Also, carefully study all the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase agreement - mutual obligations, the procedure for settlements between you and the seller of housing. Since it is very difficult to arrange a share participation on your own, it is better to turn to a competent specialist for help.

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