How To Get A Divorce

How To Get A Divorce
How To Get A Divorce
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The word "divorce" has become a part of our lexicon today - according to statistics, every third marriage ends in divorce. In the old days, in order to get a divorce, very good reasons were needed - for example, the confirmed betrayal of one of the spouses or the desire of a husband or wife to go to a monastery. In our time, in order to divorce a husband or wife, the desire of one of the spouses is enough. The attitude towards divorce has become easier, but at the same time, not all couples can divorce correctly - so as not to make their own children unhappy and not remain enemies for the rest of their lives.

How to get a divorce
How to get a divorce

Most often, wives are the initiators of divorce - there are much fewer men who want to divorce their wife. People decide to divorce, as a rule, when they understand: the marriage is doomed, and the married couple can no longer live together. The most difficult thing to get a divorce is if you have a child: sometimes it is very difficult for children to understand the reasons for the separation of their parents. In this case, the divorce procedure becomes much longer and more troublesome, and from a psychological point of view, divorce is perceived much more difficult. In this case, you should not be led by emotions and involve children in the divorce proceedings, as this can lead to the development of neurosis in the child. And in no case forbid the child to see his father or mother after a divorce, this will cause irreparable damage to his psyche. To get a proper divorce, you should heed some practical advice.

  1. If you are going to get divorced, coolly analyze the situation. Decide to divorce only if there is no other acceptable way out. If you nevertheless decide on a divorce proceedings, try to translate it into a business and legal plane from the very beginning. Do not stoop to mutual accusations and humiliation.
  2. Even if your relatives, friends or colleagues assure that your half is completely to blame for your divorce, do not follow their lead and do not try to take revenge on your spouse. The more cold-blooded you approach the divorce procedure, the more chances you will have to maintain a normal relationship after the divorce.
  3. It is possible to dissolve a marriage in the registry office only if the divorce is a mutual decision of the spouses, and they do not have common minor children. In this case, they need to contact the registry office and write a statement on divorce. Usually, spouses are given a month for reconciliation, and if during this time they do not change their mind, the marriage will be dissolved, in support of which they will be issued a divorce certificate.
  4. It is also possible to divorce without the consent of one of the spouses in the registry office, but only if one of the spouses was declared incapacitated or missing, or, according to a court sentence, is serving a prison term (at least three years in prison).
  5. If you have common children who have not reached the age of majority, or one of the spouses does not agree to a divorce, the marriage will have to be dissolved in court. You also have to go to court if there is a property dispute between the spouses (the issue of the division of property will be decided exclusively in court). During the divorce proceedings, the court takes into account the interests of each of the spouses and their minor children. Divorce of parents should in no way negatively affect the living conditions of the children.
  6. If one of the spouses changed his surname during the registration of marriage, after receiving a divorce, he has the right to both restore his premarital surname and leave the surname obtained in marriage.
  7. Remember that the divorce process is always easier and faster if you turn to a qualified lawyer in time for help - in this case, many problems and misunderstandings can be avoided.

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