How To Get A Divorce In A Registry Office In

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How To Get A Divorce In A Registry Office In
How To Get A Divorce In A Registry Office In

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If your family life did not work out, and you decide to file a divorce, it is best to get a divorce at the registry office. This is the easiest way to dissolve a marriage, which does not require a lot of time, effort and nerves. In what cases can a divorce be filed through the registry office and how to do it?

How to get a divorce in a registry office
How to get a divorce in a registry office


Step 1

It is possible to divorce in the registry office if the spouses do not have children (this is a prerequisite) and part without mutual claims, having independently agreed on how the division of jointly acquired property will take place. In this case, the husband and wife essentially only need to legally formalize the divorce by notifying the state of the termination of the marriage relationship. And the staff of the registry office can help you with this.

Step 2

In order to get a divorce in the registry office, you need to do almost the same operations as when you get married. That is, pay the state fee and come together to the registry office at the place of residence. If the husband and wife are registered in different places, a divorce can be filed at the place of residence of any of the spouses. You also have the right to divorce in the same registry office where your marriage was registered.

Step 3

After that, you will be required to write a joint statement on divorce. It is not necessary to indicate the reason why you decided to break up when divorcing through the registry office - your mutual desire to dissolve the marriage is more than enough. The application will need to indicate the details of the marriage documents (when and by whom the marriage certificate and its registration number were issued). If, after the divorce, the wife wants to regain her maiden name, this must also be indicated in the application.

Step 4

As in the case of marriage registration, in case of divorce you are given a month "to think" - what if the decision to break up was made under the influence of the moment? If in a month your intention to divorce remains unchanged, you just have to appear at the registry office on the scheduled day and receive documents confirming your new marital status.

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