How To Write A Dossier

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How To Write A Dossier
How To Write A Dossier

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The word dossier means a collection of materials and documents on a specific case, issue or person. This concept is often called the folder itself with the collected materials. In modern business, dossiers have spread to their own employees or to competing organizations. The information collected helps to manage the personnel of your business or to interfere with the affairs of partners or competitors in order to promote your own firm.

How to write a dossier
How to write a dossier

It is necessary

special programs for searching and storing data


Step 1

Cardboard folders "Case" with binders are a thing of the past. Modern dossiers are an electronic version of collecting and storing the necessary information.

Step 2

If you want to compile a dossier on an employee, take a regular resume as a basis for compiling a dossier. It contains all important and additional information about the employee's personality. The usual sections of the resume are: name, date of birth, citizenship, contact information, marital status, place of residence, education, character and abilities, work experience, level of foreign language proficiency.

Step 3

Additional information is a kind of compromising material on an employee - personal connections, weak qualities, hobbies, documents from the tax authorities, printouts of telephone conversations, etc. This information is subjective because it is compiled by a specific person.

Step 4

If you want to compile a dossier on a company that is your partner or competitor, use special computer programs for working with a DBMS, with management systems for the necessary projects or CIS. They are freely available on the Internet: you need to download and install them on your computer.

Step 5

Use programs that index information on the user's computer and on local networks. Google Desktop and Yandex Desktop are programs that will quickly and accurately find the data you need. The rubrication of information by these programs is weak, and therefore requires human intervention.

Step 6

Give the name to the folder with the TIN of the organization: in this case, you can use the quick search program on your own computer. You can buy MS Access, Cronos Plus or CROS, an already developed program for managing relationships with partners and competitors. Paid versions (licensed) are usually only available to large organizations.

Step 7

Divide the dossier into several parts: a brief description of the company with an indication of the general directions of activity, conclusions from the data of the analysis of activities, recommendations for working with the proposals of a specialist. The last part (appendix) will contain full versions of all materials.

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