How To Write A Vacation Application

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How To Write A Vacation Application
How To Write A Vacation Application

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An application for a vacation is written in a certain form. Fill it out electronically, then print and sign. You do not need to write a statement by hand; HR staff may not read your handwriting and misinterpret the text.

How to write a vacation application
How to write a vacation application


Step 1

Place the upper right corner of an A4 sheet under the so-called "heading". It will indicate from whom and to whom the vacation application was sent. The writing order is as follows:

Director (general director, head of department) - in the personnel department they will tell you to whom the application should be addressed;

LTD "…….";

Full name of the person in charge in the dative case;

from - on this line, write down your surname, name, patronymic in the genitive case;

the fifth line is your title. Do not put any punctuation at the end of the lines. Specify the name of the company in which you are listed. A firm may have several divisions with different legal entities.

Step 2

In the first third of the sheet, in the center, write the word "statement" in large print. Do not put a full stop after it.

Step 3

Depart from the word "statement" two or three lines by clicking on the "space" key. On the red line, write the following text: "Please provide me with an annual regular paid vacation (vacation at my own expense) from ________ to ___ 20__."

Step 4

The application for maternity leave has a different template: "I ask you to grant me maternity leave on the basis of a certificate of incapacity for work, series OR No. 9876543 dated 10.10.2010, with a duration of 70 calendar days before delivery and 70 calendar days after childbirth, with payment of benefits on state social insurance, with the payment of a one-time pregnancy benefit on the basis of a certificate of registration within a period of up to 12 weeks, in accordance with the procedure established by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2006 No. 255-FZ, in the amount and within the time limits established by the Federal Law RF dated 30.06.2006 N 90-FZ."

Step 5

Parental leave is granted on the basis of the following statement: "I ask you to provide parental leave until the child reaches the age of one and a half years, with payment of a monthly allowance in the amount of 40 percent of average earnings based on the documents attached to the application." birth and a certificate from the place of work of the other parent stating that the due parental leave is not used and the benefit is not paid.

Step 6

Depart from the text another 2-3 lines, put the date, signature and its decryption (surname, name and patronymic in full).

Step 7

Before submitting an application for signature to management, seek advice from the inspector of the personnel department. It will provide a document template approved by your organization.

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