Knitting As A Job

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Knitting As A Job
Knitting As A Job

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Knitting as a job is not only a hobby, but also a money-making activity. If you want making original things with knitting needles or crocheting to bring you money, you will need to take into account some of the nuances of this difficult business.

Knitting as a job
Knitting as a job


Step 1

Initially, you will need to determine the level of knowledge and knitting skills. If you have just started to master this handicraft, then you will have to forget about making money for some time.

Step 2

Determine your minimum customer base. For example, some of your relatives or friends may want beautiful and unusual gloves or hats. Do not miss this opportunity to gain experience and potential clients, because if the work is done at the proper level, word of mouth will be used.

Step 3

Basically, professional knitters are ordered things, both ordinary and original and, sometimes, accessories that are difficult in terms of execution (umbrellas, bags, etc.). That is why you will have to learn how to knit various sweaters, hats, scarves, socks and other wardrobe items and bring these skills to automatism.

Step 4

At the beginning of your career as a knitter, you are unlikely to receive a lot of money for your work - most people want something unique and unusual, but almost everyone forgets about wages.

Step 5

Draw up a minimum price list, which will clearly describe the complexity of the patterns, the products you make, the cost of the work (you can indicate it in hours, or you can also for a finished wardrobe item).

Step 6

The cost of materials for work should not be included in the final price of the product. Warn the client in advance about how much threads and accessories cost for a future dress or sweater. It will be better if you show their price on the Internet or go to a yarn store with a client.

Step 7

Discuss in advance with the client what he wants to get in the end. If this is not done, there is a possibility that the product will be bandaged.

Step 8

After finishing knitting, it is better to make sure several times that the clothing or toy is perfectly knitted. Despite the fact that the cost of the finished product can be negligible, the client will "cling" to any little thing that he finds.

Step 9

Communicate with clients (including potential ones) politely and do not conflict, as the manifestation of any negative emotions can put an end to your future career as a knitter. Try to communicate in a friendly manner, but be adamant when negotiating the price of the item.

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