Features Of Adaptation At Work

Features Of Adaptation At Work
Features Of Adaptation At Work

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The first time at a new job is characterized as the most difficult, because it is necessary not only to perform new tasks, to get used to new responsibilities, but also to interact with a new team that has established norms of communication, connections and hierarchy.

Features of adaptation at work
Features of adaptation at work

Behavior tips for the first working days

Do not expect that the team on the very first day will show interest and participation in the newcomer and accept him into their team. Most colleagues already have a well-established social circle, the appearance of a new person often introduces a share of tension in communication. It is recommended to get to know the team in a friendly manner, for example, have a tea party with sweets at lunchtime, treat colleagues with cakes or pizza in honor of meeting or successfully completing the first working days.

It is strongly discouraged in the first hours of work to rush into the thick of events, impose your ideas and criticize the established foundations of work. Such behavior will alienate potential colleagues, it is necessary to take a closer look at the daily flow of work, unspoken rules, clarify, if necessary, with colleagues about internal traditions, requirements for behavior, and consult with them on the main issues that arise. Compliance with the norms established in the team will allow you to successfully complete the adaptation period in the shortest possible time.

The main stages of adaptation

First of all, you need to get as much information as possible about the internal structure of a company or organization. Such actions will improve orientation in the work process, will allow assessing the level of mutual assistance and workload of other employees, their activity and willingness to help.

The next stage of adaptation at work is the stage of denial. The team no longer seems friendly and responsive, the work is interesting, internal problems are growing. During such a period, many newcomers can not stand it and quit. However, it is worth waiting out the storm of emotions that has appeared with a decent level of self-control, it will be followed by a stage of productive work.

The stage of fruitful work, when the employee has mastered new responsibilities, has successfully "taken root" in the team, the management entrusts more and more complex and responsible tasks, is one of the best periods in his career. The employee is able to bring the greatest possible benefit to the organization, while at the same time receiving satisfaction from the performance of duties.

Thus, when entering a new job and in an unfamiliar team, one should be patient, show oneself as an open, friendly, patient and understanding person.

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