How To Write An Order For The Right To Sign

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How To Write An Order For The Right To Sign
How To Write An Order For The Right To Sign

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In order for a manager, chief accountant or other employee acting during an absence to sign legal, financial and other documents, they must be given the right to sign. To do this, you should issue an order on the developed form. A document with samples of personal signatures of the above-mentioned persons is attached to it.

How to write an order for the right to sign
How to write an order for the right to sign

It is necessary

  • - order form established at the enterprise;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - samples of signatures;
  • - staffing table.


Step 1

The order of vesting with the right to sign, as a rule, is drawn up in any form or on a special letterhead of the company, if the department of record keeping has developed it. A mandatory requisite on the administrative document is the name of the company, which must be indicated in accordance with the charter, other constituent document. The name of the order must be written in capital letters. It is followed by the number of the document, the date of its publication.

Step 2

The subject of the order in this case will be the empowerment of the signature. The reason for drawing up the document should be indicated when there is an imposition of the duties of a director or chief accountant for a certain period.

Step 3

In the administrative (substantive) part, write down the names of positions, departments, personal data of employees who are endowed with the right to sign. It should be borne in mind that the right of the first signature remains with the head of the enterprise, the second - the chief accountant.

Step 4

If an employee of the organization is entrusted with the duties of the sole executive body or chief accountant, indicate the period for which the employee is entitled to sign.

Step 5

The order should contain a list of documents (financial, legal, legal) that a person has the right to sign.

Step 6

The order must be certified by the signature of the director of the enterprise. As a rule, the acquaintance of specialists entitled to sign with the document is carried out by a personnel worker.

Step 7

The order is accompanied by samples of signatures of the director, chief accountant and persons who have the right to sign financial, legal, legal documents for them.

Step 8

Often, for the duration of the duties of a manager or chief accountant, a power of attorney is drawn up for an employee, which, like an order for the temporary vesting of the right to sign, is valid for a certain period.

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