How To Write A Copyright Sign

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How To Write A Copyright Sign
How To Write A Copyright Sign

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The first letter of the English word Copyright, enclosed in a circle, has since 1952 been used as a label by which a person or organization designates their right to authorship. In domestic legal documents, this symbol is called "copyright protection mark", and in ordinary speech, the word "copyright" is often used.

How to write a copyright sign
How to write a copyright sign


Step 1

Use the information provided in the regulations to correctly formulate and place the copyright mark. Today, the rules for its registration are determined by GOST R-7.0.1-2003, which came into effect on May 29, 2003. According to this document, the entry should begin with the copyright icon itself, then (separated by a space, without a comma) the copyright holder should be indicated, and then (separated by commas) the year of the first publication of the work or other copyright object should be written.

Step 2

In the names of copyright holders, first indicate the surname, then the initials, separating all of them with spaces. The names of the organizations must be given in the format in which they are registered with the official government bodies.

Step 3

There are additional requirements, which are better specified in the paragraphs of GOST. So, for example, if the copyright holder is a group of more than four people, it is not necessary to list them. And if this sign denotes the right not to the entire work, but, for example, to its individual chapters, only to decoration, translation, arrangement, etc., then these clarifications should be listed between the name of the copyright holder and the year of publication. In licensed works, copyright marks must be shown in the form in which they are indicated on the original publication.

Step 4

The copyright mark itself in various computer programs can be entered in different ways. In most applications running under the Windows operating system, this can be done by typing 0169 on the numeric keypad while holding down the Alt key. This is the decimal code of the copyright sign in the ASCII table, and in a word processor Microsoft Word, you can also use a hexadecimal value - type 00A9 (A - Latin), and then press the key combination alt = "Image" + X.

Step 5

In Word, you can use a special dialog for inserting symbols. To open it, go to the "Insert" tab, open the "Symbol" drop-down list and select the "Other Symbols" line.

Step 6

To display this icon in an HTML document, place in its source code the symbolic primitive © or the appropriately formatted ASCII code of the copyright symbol - ©.

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